Board of Directors:

Ayan Dahir graduated from Saint Catherine’s University as Registered Nurse and in Public Health in 2012. As a nurse she has experience working in level 1 trauma centers in the ER, medical surgical, postpartum and cardiac telemetry units where she served patients of all ages and socioeconomic statuses. She also works as a Nurse Supervisor in a home health care position where she serves underserved patients within the community in their homes. As a nurse she is an advocate for her patients and promotes equality within healthcare. Ayan aspires to cultivate a community and space where connectivity and resources are abundant and available to all.

Lul Osman is the Founder and Executive Director of B.R.A.V.E. (Brilliant Resilient Ambitious Vibrant Elite) Foundation Inc. an organization that aims to empower young Somali-American girls and women. Lul is currently in school pursuing her Bachelors in Human Services with the concentration in Leadership and Administration, and a minor in Psychology. In her formative years, Lul was the President of the Peer Mediation Team and was amongst 10 students selected to attend the 10- year anniversary conference of PeaceJam in Denver, Colorado. There she had the honors of meeting amazing world leaders of peace such as the Dalai Lama, Archbishop Desmond Tutu, and other notable Nobel Peace Laureates. This experience highlighted many of the social conflict communities face and inspired Lul to be a catalyst for change. Lul is now driven to give back to her community through real positive work. Currently, Lul works at the Ramsey County as a Financial Worker. She served on the Ramsey County Advisory Board and is an active member on other boards such as the Somali Key Leaders, the South Advisory Council for Minneapolis Community Education and also in the EDIA (Equity and Diversity Impact Assessment). One of Lul’s mission is to ensure that the needs of Somali-American girls and women are heard by being represent at the table. In doing so, Lul focuses on ensuring both equity and diversity in Minnesota. Lul hopes her continuous efforts as the head of B.R.A.V.E Foundation Inc. will uplift and empower women in all areas of life.

Amran Farah is a civil litigation attorney in Minneapolis. She is the President of the Somali American Bar Association, and the President of the Minnesota Association of Black Lawyers. Amran is also a member of the Governor’s Council of Minnesotans of African Heritage and a pass member of the Minneapolis Police Conduct and Oversight Commission. Amran grew up in Minnesota and can speak/read/write in Somali.

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