• Cultural Emgagement – Promoting understanding of the value of heritage and culture. The program will include teachings on traditional dances, attire and arts centered on Somali ethnic heritage. Answering questions pertaining to self-identity.
  • Health and Fitness– Education on drug use and prevention, in hopes to encourage a drugs and violence free lifestyle.Education on STI/STD. Instructions on issues relating to sexuality, including reproductive health, safe sex, and abstinence. Promoting healthy relationships and lifestyles. Encourage physical and outdoor activities.
  • Education: Assisting in college prep material and assisting in school work. Going into school to work with students on our Shaax iyo Sheeko (Tea and Talk)  program. STEAM for the younger students.
  • Group Therapy:  Group therapy on topics of concern and interest with young women. Education on mental health issues and building coping techniques as well as counseling and open talks.
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